O2 Prepaid Allnet Flat
Prepaid Allnet Flat mit 6GB ab 12.99 Euro mit 1,5 GB gratis Datenvolumen Dauerhaft und mit 5G Max Speed!
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Vodafone Callya Digital
Callya Digital 3 Monate kostenlos mit 60 Euro Gutschein BONUS60! Dazu gratis 5G +Allnet-Flat nur 20€/Monat!
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200 Euro Guthaben bei O2!
200 Euro Wechselbonus bei den O2 Flat - Rufnummer mitbringen und 16 Monate reduzierte Grundgebühr bezahlen!
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Discotel Prepaid
Billiger geht es im Prepaid Bereich nicht: Discotel bietet die Prepaid Sim mit 6 Cent Tarif und ohne monatliche Fixkosten an. Mit LTE!
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German Prepaid Plans

German Prepaid Plans – Prepaid plans are very interesting if you are only traveling for a short time in Germany and want to be in the country for less than a year or just a few weeks. A prepaid plan do not have a long term and can be purchased both online and in the shop. The top-up is done with prepaid credit cards that can be purchased in the supermarket or at the petrol station. There is also the option of buying new credit at the ATM.

There are currently 3 different cellular networks in Germany. The differences in coverage are now minor and, especially in the larger cities, it makes no difference which network you use. You can therefore choose the cheapest offer in each case. Only when it comes to 5G coverage do the mobile phone networks have different levels of expansion, but most prepaid plans in Germany do not yet offer 5G.

Unfortunately, so far there are hardly any useful offers with unlimited data volume for prepaid cards. So you usually always have a data limit that you have to adhere to, otherwise the speed of the prepaid card will be significantly reduced and surfing is then hardly possible.

German Prepaid Plans

ProviderPrice / month (in EUR)Highspeed Data (in GB)Extras
O2O2 my Prepaid L14.9912,5Unlimited calls and SMSOrder here
ALDI TALK (o2)Paket L17.9912Unlimited calls and SMSOrder here
VodafoneCallYa Digital20.0010Unlimited calls and SMS, 5G possibleOrder here
ALDI TALK (o2)Paket M12.996,5Unlimited calls and SMSOrder here
O2O2 my Prepaid M14.995.5Unlimited calls and SMSOrder here
Congstar (Telekom)Prepaid Allnet L15.005Unlimited calls, 9 Cent per SMSOrder here
ALDI TALK (o2)Paket M12.996Unlimited calls and SMSOrder here
WhatsApp (o2)WhatsAll 3000104--Order here
Blau (o2)Prepaid 3GB LTE7.993Unlimited calls and SMSOrder here
TelekomMagentaMobil Prepaid L14.953Unlimited calls and SMS, 5G possibleOrder here
O2O2 my Prepaid S9.993.5Unlimited calls and SMSOrder here
ALDI TALK (o2)Paket S7.993--Order here
Congstar (Telekom)Prepaid Allnet M10.003Unlimited calls, 9 Cent per textOrder here
Vodafone CallYa Allnet S9.993Unlimited calls and SMS, 5G possibleOrder here
TelekomMagentaMobil Prepaid M9.952200 minutes or SMS, 5G possibleOrder here
TelekomMagentaMobil Prepaid S2.950Unlimited calls and SMS, 5G possibleOrder here
Blau (o2)Prepaid 9 Cent009 cents per minute or SMSOrder here
VodafoneCallYa Talk&SMS009 cents per minute or SMSOrder here

In Germany, an ID is required to activate the prepaid card. The identification document is then checked by VideoIdent or PostIdent and only after this the prepaid card can be used. Fortunately, a German address is not necessary for this. For example, Vodafone writes to activate the prepaid card:

Please enter your personal data correctly.
If you have no permanent residence in Germany,
please state the address of your current residence.
Your card will be activated after successful identification.

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